Sermons by Rebekah Tucker-Motley

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“Blessed are You” Luke 6


When you hear the word blessed what do you think of? Health? Well-being? Maybe being well off financially? Being able to share what you have with others?
Sure all of those things sound really nice, but that is not what Jesus has in mind when he is preaching this particular sermon on the plain.

“Make Your Name Great” – Genesis 12:1-9


We are all called – not necessarily to pulpit ministry, but we are all called by God to go out into the world and be God’s hands and feet. We are called to bring change, to help others in crisis, to be a shelter in times of hurricanes, to be a present in the time of storms, to stand strong knowing that no matter where we are called to go or what we are called to do, God will be present still. Our call might not bring immediate fulfillment. Our call might be difficult and undesirable. But if we trust in the promise of God we know that our call is worth all of that.