Women in the Bible

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What is Salvation? Joy and Laughter Genesis 21:1-7


One big thing we often forget to do as people of faith is be happy. Be joyful. See this world as and our lives and those who share it with us as a gift. We get so caught up into rules and debates and what we need to be doing next that those moments just fly by – or we miss them completely. We serve a God who created the hippo and giraffe, who gives us rainbows in the sky and sunsets on the horizon, who invites us to sing songs and dance and clap, who breaks into this world with absurd promises and actions of healing and love.

The Power of Hospitality 2 Kings 4:8-37


“The Shunammite woman doesn’t know who Elisha is at first. She doesn’t know that he is a prophet. She doesn’t know the wonders he can perform. She simply sees a stranger in need of a meal. And she knows that she has plenty to share.”

Hannah’s Radical Song of Thanksgiving


“This is a song not just to be heard. It is a song for each one of us to join in. How will we sing it? How can we carry this good news out with our lives? How will we proclaim what God has done in our lives?” 1 Samuel 2:1-10