Old Testament

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“Like Those Who Dream” Psalm126


In Advent, we are called to be witnesses of God’s goodness. We are called to sing out God’s great love in Christ. In this season, we remember that even in such a messy and broken world as ours, God chose to come and live as one of us, to teach us, heal us, save us, and claim us as beloved children. And we remember that Christ is coming again.

“Justice or Mercy?” Exodus 14:19-31


For many of us, we think of Jesus’ grace as something that wipes our ledger clean, something that gets us a pass into heaven. That’s true, but Jesus’ grace is so much more than that. It is a grace that claims our whole lives. It is a grace that makes us into new and more holy people. It is a grace that makes us work for justice and freedom, care about oppression and lift up those who have been hurt.

“A Reckoning Between Brothers” Genesis 45:1-15


The story of Joseph reminds us that we serve a God of grace and transformation. We serve a God who knows there is pain and evil in the world, but is working to bring healing and wholeness and love back into it. And God wants us to be a part of it too. God’s grace is powerful enough that even our worst enemies may one day be again our brothers and sisters.

“Unbrotherly Love” Genesis 37:1-8, 12-28


And as much as Joseph’s story is a story of family, it is also the story of our world. It is the story of how we have treated people whenever we have stopped seeing them as human beings, when we have not viewed them as brothers and sisters worth our protection, love, and safety.