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“Lighting Up The Ordinary” Matthew 13:33-35


Our message for today is to see Christ’s kingdom in our everyday items and moments and lives. And knowing that they too are a part of God’s kingdom. This is the way of Jesus Christ. It’s not always glamorous or glitzy. But it’s full of love, it’s full of grace, it’s full of the holy breaking through.

Who Will Go For Us? Isaiah 6:1-8


These words in Isaiah 6 say God is at work even in imperfect people, even in people who doubt themselves, in people who would never see themselves as worthy of a great calling on their own. These words from Isaiah say God’s power and glory and love are strong enough to live and move and breathe and do great and marvelous things through every one of us, even you and me.

“What is Salvation? Peace John 20:19-23


For us today, we think of peace as the absence of war, as anytime there is not explicit violence. But for Jesus, peace meant much more than that. While this gospel is written in Greek, the word Jesus himself would have spoken was “Shalom,” in either Hebrew or Aramaic. Shalom means many things, including peace. But it also means Wholeness. Completeness. Reconciliation. Forgiveness. Right relationships, with others and with God.

“The Holy and the Broken Hallelujah” Psalm 51


We in our world today often hide from our brokenness. But there is a funny thing I have experienced through life. Whenever I have been the most broken in spirit, I have seen God more present in my life. I don’t think it is that God is trying harder in those times. God’s always there. Rather, it is that I am finally taking notice of God, instead of thinking I can do it all on my own.

“Minnesota Nice is Killing Us” 1 John 1:5-10


The apostle John tells us, “If we say we are without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” As Christians, our first step is to face racism. Face it in ourselves, in our stories. Face it in our history. Hear the voices of others. Read the parts of our history not always told in history textbooks.

“Christ is Seen Through Us” 2 Corinthians 4:5-10


We aren’t Christ. We aren’t the savior of this world. But people can see Christ’s love through you. People can see Christ’s grace through you. People can learn about forgiveness and mercy, welcome and love, God’s presence and peace and good news of grace through you.

Jesus, The Exorcist Mark 1:21-28


So when someone asks you for a blessing, don’t look over your shoulder and say, “Who me? I could never do that.” Offer them what you have. Your time. Your ears. Your hands, Your words. Your faith. Go into those dark places with them. God will do the rest.

Baptism and Freedom Philemon 1:8-17


When Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River, he didn’t go into that water because he needed to repent and be forgiven of his sins. He is God’s Son. Jesus went into that river so that we could follow, so that we could join in his life. So that we could join that dying to sin and evil and captivity, and be led into new life of true freedom and joy.