Sermons from May 2018

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Who Will Go For Us? Isaiah 6:1-8


These words in Isaiah 6 say God is at work even in imperfect people, even in people who doubt themselves, in people who would never see themselves as worthy of a great calling on their own. These words from Isaiah say God’s power and glory and love are strong enough to live and move and breathe and do great and marvelous things through every one of us, even you and me.

Who is Salvation For? Isaiah 45:22-25


There is a treasure right here, right now. It is know God’s love and salvation not just some point in the future, but here and now. While I believe God’s salvation is for everyone, I also know that my relationship with Christ is a blessing for me right now.

What is Salvation? A New World to Share Revelation 21:-26


Instead, God’s plan in Revelation is God healing this world and making it new. It is God choosing to save and redeem and transform all of creation. And God does it not by separating us out. Not by putting us in our own isolated chambers. Not by keeping us apart. But by inviting us to live all together in one big city. In one huge city, that we all share as one.

What is Salvation? Community John 21:1-13


Jesus stands on this beach now as the resurrected one, as one who has defeated death, as savior of everlasting life, conqueror over sin, Lord of heaven and earth. And with all that he has already won and accomplished and given for us, Jesus comes to this beach with a surprising, yet simple message. Jesus says, “Come and have breakfast.” Come and join me for a meal on this beach. Come and be around me. Together again.

What is Salvation? Welcome Luke 19:1-10


And it’s the same for so many in our world. So many of us are simply looking for a place to be welcomed, a place to belong, a place where they are wrapped in love and care and invited to come in and stay awhile. Welcome and hospitality are huge themes throughout the Bible because it’s what we so long for, and what’s God gives us so freely. It’s also what we are called to give freely to others.