Sermons from September 2016

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Justice and Grace Luke 16:19-31


“Jesus speaks this parable not to freeze us into fear. He tells it to us so that we may go out with urgency and love, knowing that this day matters. The people we meet matter. The actions we take matter. How we use our hands and our feet, our gifts and our time, it matters, not just for this life, but the next. Just as much as Lazarus means to God, so also are the faces and the names and the stories we meet. So also are the lives and relationships we form here on earth.”

Wealth or Love: Choose Only One Luke 16:1-13


“Joy does not come from getting the most toys, accumulating the most wealth, or having the biggest bankroll. Joy comes from generosity. It comes from seeing lives changed. It comes from being a part of something great. It comes from knowing our neighbors and hearing their stories. It comes from friendships and relationships. Joy comes from love, not from wealth.”

The Value of Each Lost Coin Luke 15:1-10


“Welcome and Celebrate. We don’t often think of religion and celebration going hand and hand. But in our message today, we have so much to celebrate together. We have a Shepherd who seeks us. We have a God who made us. And we have grace which claims us over and over and over again.”

No Easy Calling Luke 14:25-35


Jesus would be a terrible used car salesman. He doesn’t hide future problems. He isn’t going to say to you, “This car will ride smooth for at least another hundred thousand miles. You’ll have no problems at all. The engine and transmission will never break down.” Those won’t be Jesus’ words. Instead, he will tell you exactly what you are going to face.