Sermons from June 2016

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Are You Talking To Me? James 5:1-6


We think James must be simply talking to those “other people.” We think of Wall Street bankers, billionaire CEOs, big oil tycoons, predatory loaners, slum development landlords. And we want to stand next to James and point our fingers and say, “Look how greedy they are.”

But there is another way of reading this passage. It is a more challenging way. What if James isn’t just speaking to that other table? What if he’s not just speaking to them or those people? What if he is also speaking to us?

Faithfulness in Trying Times James 5:7-11


“The great myth of Christianity is that once you are a Christian, all your problems disappear.
That is not true. We as Christians go through the same heartache, the same trouble, the same difficult decisions and trials as everyone else. The difference is that when we go through these dark valleys, we don’t believe that we are alone.”