Sermons from May 2016

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Don’t Put It Off Until Tomorrow James 4:13-17


“This day is a gift from God. Each twenty four hours is a precious gift of life, of creation, of existence, of possibilities. It’s not meant to be spent waiting, worrying, putting off for tomorrow. It’s meant to be lived, to be breathed, to be enacted.”

Holding Our Tongues James 3:1-12


“God wants to speak to you. Make time to listen. You don’t need to be constantly speaking or have all the answers yourself. Let God guide you. Let God speak to you. Be open to God constantly teaching you something new.”

Faith That is Alive James 2:14-26


The question is between faith that is alive and faith that is dead. Will your faith be active, will it be living and moving and breathing and joyful and great. Or will it be a one time thing? Will it be just some words you say, then shrug off and leave behind? James is asking us, “Which will your faith be be?”