Sermons from March 2016

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Yes! Luke 24:1-12


“He wanted to know: Is this a God of love and peace? Is this a God who wants to break bread and eat with even sinners like me? Is this a God who is willing to kneel down and touch lepers and heal the blind? Is this really a God who would even wash his own disciples’ feet? Did this God really love us so much that he would come to earth and die for our sake? Did God really rise again and overcame death so that we might have life?”

Even the Stones Would Shout Out


“On Palm Sunday, as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt, there were others who did not care about what other people thought. They didn’t care what was proper or traditional or neat. They were simply filled with joy and exuberance. They were the crowds awaiting Jesus. And they made quite a spectacle.”

Pressing On Towards the Goal


Paul is saying, this is where true joy and life are. Take a risk. Take a chance. Do things that go against the common wisdom of the world. Don’t worry about how the world judges you or ranks you. Live as a child of God. Join in being that new creation.