SHPC Youth Group in Philadelphia

Summer Mission Trip to Philadelphia

Contact People:  Scott and Andrea Chisholm (

Purpose: The YMT seeks to lead the youth of our congregation in growing deeper through a ministry of discipleship.  The team oversees programs and activities reaching middle and high school students and their families that serve to teach, instruct and nurture them as they grow to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus.

The YMT oversees the planning and carrying out of youth meetings, summer trips, and any other special retreats or programs.  The youth ministry seeks to provide regular opportunities for fellowship, discipleship, mission/service, and mentoring.  Since we believe that the primary means by which spiritual growth occurs is through small groups, the YMT provides leadership and oversight of small groups for our young people.  The ministry team also takes the lead in educating families and the congregation as a whole in matters related to youth and youth culture.