Tenebrae worship gathering

Our Tenebrae worship on Good Friday is always a highlight of the year with experiential activities, original art pieces and simple but moving readings and music

Contact Person: Nick Schacht, Director of Music & Worship        (757) 565-1130

Purpose: Because we believe that corporate worship is vital to the life of the individual and to the Body of Christ, we consistently seek to offer creative and relevant worship experiences.  This involves using various forms of artistic expression, diverse styles of music, and a healthy blend of both “traditional” and “contemporary” expressions of our faith.  While our worship gatherings are designed to assist followers of Jesus Christ to grow in their walks with Him, we are also sensitive to the fact that worship is one of the primary entrance points into our church.  For this reason, those planning worship gatherings take into consideration the needs of “seekers” and “unchurched” people who may be with us on a given Sunday morning.  While we recognize that God always looks at the heart of a worshiper and considers motive before talent, we still want to offer God our best and continually strive for excellence in our gatherings.

This team oversees all aspects of Sunday morning and other special worship gatherings: arts, audio-visual, music, preaching, and worship volunteers.