The youth from Stone House Presbyterian Church and Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church have teamed up for a mission trip to the Eastern Shore for the summer of 2019!

Why are we serving at the Eastern Shore?

Community Struggles and Challenges on the Shore
• Economy & Work Conditions: The economy of Eastern Shore depends solely on agriculture – produce,
poultry, and seafood processing. Because agriculture depends largely on climate conditions, the economy
tends to be both seasonal and unpredictable. Work conditions can vary greatly as well – farming often
means hard labor, long hours, and mediocre pay.

• Isolation: The Eastern Shore of Virginia is geographically separated from the rest of the commonwealth of
Virginia. It was not until 1964 that there was a bridge to connect the Shore to the rest of Virginia. Though
access has changed, much of the older generation have kept an isolationist attitude and are often leery of

• Race Relations: Despite being a rural area, the population of Eastern Shore is very diverse. The agricultural
industry attracts many different populations of people. Migrant workers and immigrants are often drawn
to the Shore because jobs are not difficult to find. While race is a non-issue for many, there is a strong
division between those that are “from here” vs. those that have “come here”. Navigating where the lines
of culture cross is important as you enter this community.

• Barriers to Immigration: Despite attracting a large migrant population, the Eastern Shore has very few
legal resources. Most who need help with Visas or applying for citizenship must travel to Washington D.C.
to get assistance. A trip to D.C. – and missing a day’s wages – isn’t always a viable option.

Prayer Requests: The Eastern Shore is a community of great diversity, which often creates a strong tension between the different
ethnic groups. Pray that we get to be a piece of the bridge that will bring them together through expanding our services to all the
different groups. Pray that our presence in the community will be a good start to building relationships between these different

“Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life.” – Psalm 23:6a


For Parents:

Below are links to information that might be helpful as you prepare your child for their mission trip.

Packing List

Parents Guide