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Purpose: Just as all buildings require strong foundations, so too does an individual’s involvement with a local community of faith.  The purpose of the FMT is to ensure that this occurs.  As the invitational arm of our Body, the team leads the congregation in its attempt to grow broader by overseeing those ministries that involve welcoming people into our church family and then further connecting them into the life of our congregation.

At some point in time, many people desire to enter into formal membership with SHPC.  To assist with that process, we have put together a Foundations class, held twice a year, so that people might become better acquainted with the life and ministry of our congregation.  The class is designed to familiarize people with the basic beliefs of Christianity, the tenets of Presbyterianism, and the vision and mission of our local church family.

This team coordinates all aspects of our church’s evangelism ministries, planning and carrying out events that will grow members’ capacity to share their faith with others.  (DABBL training, ecumenical dialogue, etc.)  The team works closely with the church office on advertising and publicity, as well as the Fellowship Ministry Team in the planning of “entry level” activities for the congregation.  The team will be responsible for following up on all first time visitors, inviting them to membership in our family, planning and organizing the Foundation’s Classes for new members, and tracking people’s participation in the overall life of the church.