Fun at church picnic at Makemie Woods

Having fun at a church picnic at Makemie Woods!

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Purpose: The FMT leads and assists the congregation in growing warmer through programs and activities that nurture relationships within the congregation.  Since the life of our community is enriched, and common bonds of understanding, caring, and love grow as we meet and get to know one another, the FMT provides a variety of opportunities to the congregation to simply be together.

The FMT is always busy organizing and/or supporting opportunities for our Stone House congregation to share fellowship and “be together.”  In past years, the Team has organized Spaghetti Dinners, Bingo nights, Ice Cream Socials/Hymn Sings accompanied by Bob Lewis, picnics with activities at Makemie Woods; and making Advent Wreaths to start off the Christmas season.  In addition, the FMT assisted and supported most of the other SHPC fellowship events or activities organized by others throughout the year.