Discovery Time is our ministry to children from birth through 5th grade.  It is carried out by the Children’s Ministry Team, working in partnership with parents and families to lead, teach, and nurture children as they develop into fully-devoted followers of Jesus.  The team also strives to help children realize that they are blessed to be a blessing to others.  To accomplish our mission, the team emphasizes three key areas with our Discovery Time program: education, outreach, and fellowship.  For more information about Discovery Time or if you’re interested in volunteering for this vital ministry, contact our Discovery Time Team coordinator, Marie Koehl, at the church phone number or main office email address.

Education: Discovery Time begins the Sunday after Labor Day and runs through Pentecost Sunday.  All children in preschool through 5th grade are invited to participate.  Children are dismissed from worship after the children’s sermon and are divided into several different classes.  Teachers rotate weekly and are assisted by adult and teenage volunteers.  Older children are invited to remain in worship on Communion Sunday, typically the first Sunday of each month.  A nursery is available for our little ones ages 0-2 during the entire worship gathering in our downstairs area.  In addition, in our upstairs “youth lounge” we invite parents with crying babies to sit and watch (and listen to) the service on the flatscreen TV in comfort and privacy.

Outreach: Children are involved in several outreach projects each year.  They participate in a weekly offering during Discovery Time that benefits a charity they help to select.  They also hold fundraisers to raise additional money for the designated charity.  To help emphasize that they are blessed to be a blessing, children are also invited to participate in several events in the local community that help to enrich the lives of people in need.

Fellowship: Success in our education and outreach program depends, in part, on the relationships that children and families develop through the church.  As a result, several events are planned over the course of the year to help strengthen ties between families.  Past events have included bowling, miniature golf, camping, pajama parties, and parent’s night out.


Nursery – birth – 2 years

Nursery Procedures:

1)      There will be a sign in and sign out log.

2)      Contact procedures during worship:  When you sign in your child to the nursery, you will leave your cell number.  If our nursery teacher needs to contact you, she will text you.  If you do not receive text messages, then she will send a volunteer to find you.


Children’s Ministry Team

Meet our new Children’s Ministry Team

Andrea Chisholm                      Liaison to session

Scott and Andrea Chisholm    VBS Coordinators

Marie Koehl                                Discovery Time Point Person

Caren Damon                             Backyard Bible Camp Point Person

Kathy Douglas                            Parent Representative

The Children’s ministry is GROWING!